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I didn’t watch this.  I already know all about it.  So do you. I have a problem.  it’s called “being me”.  My brain is a Chinese finger-trap for awful…

I Didn’t Watch it – The Apprentice Series 10

Originally posted on DrHamHock:
I didn’t watch this.  But I already know all about it.  So do you.  We are sexually intimate with every scratched facet of that wonderful (perfect?) format. Reviewing a…

SPORT – Jason Statham’s Extreme Triple Splash

Apple’s Special Event in Full.

Inspired by CharliePanther

Soundtrack my BBC Breakfast News – Who Killed Susanna Reid?

Who killed Homecoming Queen Susanna in the sleepy town of BBC Breakfast Peaks?

Soundtrack My Sky News – Sad Smiley Face

For contrast with yesterday’s japes = 50% slower + added Nanou 2

Soundtrack My Sky News

Breakbeat BBC News at 6 – 1987

Rome conclave: black smoke signals DEADLOCK over Pope

“Black smoke has issued from the Sistine Chapel in Rome, signalling that the second and third votes in the Papal election have been inconclusive.” Well, it now goes down to the viewers vote.… Continue reading


You don’t have to go far to find a news story that declares that video games are responsible for a range of criminal activities, breakdowns in society or failed marriages. You’ll also then…

Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman & Shitting

Kim Jong-un ‘don’t want do war’ – Dennis Rodman claims Just to recap – Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of the Totalitarian Dictatorship, North Korea.  He kind of looks like David Lynch… Continue reading

SNOOZE – the world’s best selling monthly politics mag!

In SNOOZE magazine this March, George “Oh” has a British Bake-off and “oh” there a lovely slice of slag on the cover again. Hmmmmm. We cover Labour’s attempt to invigorate something, something, wow… Continue reading

London 2012 – The Official Review

Those who thought the games would continue into infinity, only to be cut-short by limiting the disability classification system, need worry no more. With the BBC’s in-depth 3DHDOCD polished coverage now relegated to iPlayer followed… Continue reading

SPORT SPECIAL: Sepp Blatter’s Goal-Line Time-Line 2002 to 2012

UPDATED 5TH MARCH 2013 This is for those of you without the time I afford on such trivial matters.  This is the definitive Blatter Goal-line Time-line. Unfortunately for those who hate Blatter,  he… Continue reading

Snoozenight TV : Episode 1

Code-breaking and More Password Breaches *lick*

TECHNOLOGY An original World War II Enigma machine is to be used to encrypt messages that will be decoded at Bletchley Park, as part of Cheltenham Science Festival. The recreation of the code-breaking… Continue reading

Don’t Just Book It, Ethnic Cleanse it.

TOURISM SPECIAL FEATURE This week is going to be CRAZY. We can feel it in our withered, thin bones here in the Snoozenight studios. It’ll end with a right Royal Bang and it… Continue reading

Facebook Floaters, Bee Gees, A Season, Fresh Meat

ECONOMICS Shares in Facebook closed well below the price at which they were floated amid doubts that the newly listed company can live up to expectations. Analysts stated that the confidence in the… Continue reading

Lockerbie, Hand of Zod, Hospital Food

INTERNATIONAL Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the only person convicted over the 1988 attack, has died older than Yoda at his home in Libya, aged 623. Released in 2009 on compassionate grounds as Megrahi… Continue reading

Facebook, Dave, Dirty Greeks and Sausage Rolls

Quick round up, kids…… TECHNOLOGY So this week Facebook floated on the US stockmarket, raising initially $106Bn. This windfall will give Co-Founder Mark Zuckerburg just enough to buy another FarmVille pig-shed and 5… Continue reading

The Apprentice, Hosepipes and Snowboarding Rats

Entertainment News. Show business.  Series 8 of the The Apprentice returns to our screens soon and the new hopefuls have started to set their rickety stalls out courtesy of a BBC press release.… Continue reading

Friday 13th January – The Sun, Hooves, Employee Fisting and Leveson

Warning: this article is certificate 18.  Containing strong language, sexual references, moderate fantasy violence and snoozenight losing it to the soundtrack of Dominic Mohan’s garbled garglings.  In fact this is just 1000 swear… Continue reading

Sunday 8th January – Hawking, Andre, Stringfellow and Cocks

Sounding suddlenly less like Davros and more like a bloke up the pub, The Guardian this week covered the “world’s greatest scientific mind of his generation” as he skilfully aligned himself both with… Continue reading

Wednesday 4th January – Of Mice, Men, Boobs and Booze

In light of the Stephen Lawrence sentencing due today, there will be a change to the scheduled programming.  We will be bringing you the same old rubbish as before. But without the… Continue reading

Monday 2nd January – Ed Miliband, KY Jelly and a Hammer

The Daily Mail provided wonderful source material in their interview today with everybody’s second favourite Miliband – The Labour Party Leader. “‘I think my worst habit is excessive seriousness’: Ed Miliband on his… Continue reading

Friday 23rd September – Bad Gas / Nick Clegg Aged 13 ¾

Vast Gas! In these energy-scarce times, it’s always great to hear some good old BBC news regarding the spanking of the UK’s natural resources. Shale gas firm finds ‘vast’ gas resources in Lancashire An… Continue reading

Thursday 22nd September – Dumb Pricks

What Riots? What Party Conferences? What Hurricane? There’s more serious news to report on, don’t you know. Back to business with uncurrent affairs as the Snoozenight offices open full time after the pilot… Continue reading

Wednesday 15th June – Bouncy Castle Horror

BouncyBawl As if “meant to be” the aptly named SKY NEWS reported last week of gale-force winds pulling kiddies into the air TO THEIR DOOM.   In an attempt to exhaust every related… Continue reading

Thursday 26th May – Marmitegate

Danish Yeast Extracted BBC News, bored of Volcanoes, looks to another Northern European country for further crud to report. This (very popular) article  smells of PR bullshit and a brewer’s drain. But apparently… Continue reading