Rome conclave: black smoke signals DEADLOCK over Pope

breaking - pope big

“Black smoke has issued from the Sistine Chapel in Rome, signalling that the second and third votes in the Papal election have been inconclusive.”

Well, it now goes down to the viewers vote.  The following SnoozeLines are now OPEN!  Vote now for who you’d like to win.  Here’s a summary of today’s performances…..

Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana)  

Performed “O Sanctissima” – Believed to be a traditional Sicilian mariners folk song, but there was nothing fishy about Peter’s delivery today – Louis nearly lost count on his rosary beads.

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Archbishop Angelo Scola (Italy)

With the last two verses of the larger hymn Pange Lingua Gloriosi, Tantum Ergo Sacramentumwas felt like it was written for the Angelo’s Angelic Voice.  Cardinal Nicole Scherzingers was so moved, she bled tears.

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Cardinal Odilo Scherer (Brazil)

Salve Regina, or “Hail, Holy Queen” in English – or “Hail Cardinal Odilo” here in the studio – a banger banged-out in his familiar carnival style.  Bishop Tulisa thought the g-stringed dancers were a bit much.

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Cardinal Marc Ouellet (Canada)  

O Salutaris Hostia  – another written by St. Thomas Aquinas, this piece is actually the last two verses of the Corpus Christi hymn Verbum Supernum Prodien! A pub-quiz favorite and definitely a Judge’s favorite.

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Cardinal Christoph Schonborn (Austria)  

Final performance of the first live show, Christoph sung Ave Verum Corpus. A beautiful Eucharistic hymn dating from the 14th century.  A nervous performance as pointed out by the Cardinal Barlow.  Who’s musical career also dates from the 14th century.

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