I Didn’t Watch it – The Apprentice Series 10

He doesn’t watch it, so you REALLY don’t have to…


butcher_robot I didn’t watch this.  But I already know all about it.  So do you.  We are sexually intimate with every scratched facet of that wonderful (perfect?) format. Reviewing a TV show in which the format varies so very little year-on-year, is without point.  It becomes a 500-word TV listing.  See Big Brother.  See The X Factor.  All wonderful formats.  All could be populated with personality-bots and still be (almost) as entertaining. Overheard in a meeting room of the future…..

“Apprentice-bots!!!!  Think of the merchandising opportunities.  Nasty Nick and Emperor Palpatine would have nothing on series 76’s Psychotic-Phil the butchery titanium tri-ped who was FIRED by Lord Alan Sugardroid and subsequently rampaged through Westfield Shopping Centre, killing 42, after a botched attempt as this week’s Project Manager-a-tron.”

With the format varying so little between series it is essentially like creating an annual fantasy spreekill-list.  Filled with line after line of unemployable upper-middle-class moon-faces and bullish identikit…

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