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SPORT – Jason Statham’s Extreme Triple Splash

Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman & Shitting

Kim Jong-un ‘don’t want do war’ – Dennis Rodman claims Just to recap – Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of the Totalitarian Dictatorship, North Korea.  He kind of looks like David Lynch… Continue reading

London 2012 – The Official Review

Those who thought the games would continue into infinity, only to be cut-short by limiting the disability classification system, need worry no more. With the BBC’s in-depth 3DHDOCD polished coverage now relegated to iPlayer followed… Continue reading

SPORT SPECIAL: Sepp Blatter’s Goal-Line Time-Line 2002 to 2012

UPDATED 5TH MARCH 2013 This is for those of you without the time I afford on such trivial matters.  This is the definitive Blatter Goal-line Time-line. Unfortunately for those who hate Blatter,  he… Continue reading