Wednesday 25th May – A Good Argument

The Bicker Man With more rowing than Sir Stephen Redgrave’s bathtime The Sun opens the door for some comedy basics, slamming it closed behind them while screaming “what have you been doing up… Continue reading

Tuesday 24th May – Kill Ronald McDonald

Ronald’s Trump Speaking with it’s mouth full, the BBC reports of McDonald’s being put under pressure yet again to kill the world’s most frightening mascot. On Wednesday, a group of 550 healthcare workers… Continue reading

Monday 23rd May – End of the World Cup / Mount Bemusius

Believers perplexed after prediction fails For many UK followers, this weekend signified the end of the world.  There would be no going back.  They and their beloved would be taken forever by a… Continue reading

Friday 20th May – Help the Aged Attenborough

Sci-Fa and Sci-Fi Geriatric, fuddy-duddy, cuddly, low-balled-GRILF, Sir David Attenborough issued a strong warning to the House of Commons Select Committee this week. The Independent reported that… Sir David Attenborough has warned that… Continue reading

Thursday 19th May – Name and Shame / Eastenders ain’t real

“Don’t Tell Him Your Name, Like” It’s been spread all over the news like Pippa Middleton’s ring-piece; it’s a story we can all “poke” fun at from our country “retweet”. Guffaw. This slice… Continue reading

Tuesday (Not Monday) 17th May – Queen in Dublin / Gordon Ramsey

Neighbours Big news: Having finally slept off the Gin-hangover she’s been carrying for the last two weeks, BBC News reports that The Queen has become the first British monarch in 100 years to visit Ireland.… Continue reading

Monday 16th May – Pulling a sicky / Party like it’s 2005

Man-Up Flu Question. Spent Tuesday night on a park bench? Worked your way through fifteen cans of Strongbow on a school-night? Wednesday morning hangover? We’ve all been there. Been on the white-wine and… Continue reading

Thursday 12th May 2011 – Lib Dem Muscle / The Strokes / Signing Off

Pumping Irony Whispering pathetically while blushing, Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg told the BBC that the Liberal Democrats ‘will be more muscular’.  Mr Clegg has been under pressure from Lib Dem activists to… Continue reading

Wednesday 11th May 2011 – Killer McCann / World Crap 2018

Mad Men The red-topped Heart & Soul of our fair nation, The Sun newspaper kicked us all in the nuts with a(nother) McCann exclusive. That’s Madeleine not The Eighth Doctor. Kate McCann is… Continue reading

Tuesday 10th May 2011 – Shock Jock / FaceJacker / Final Semi

I Likes Salmond Congratulations to the Scottish Nazional Party on winning an overall majority in this week’s Scot’s Tish Elections. This historic result now give party leader, Alex “Leaps Like a” Salmond the… Continue reading

Monday 9th May 2011 – Brad-istan / Twitter Injunctions / Scooter Robbing

Rolling Stoned According to sexy-named news agency Reuters, the prime minister of Pakistan was going to “take the nation into confidence” today as he explained to his country and fellow politicians that he… Continue reading

Sunday 8th May 2011 – Osama has a TV / Sony is Rubbery.

Lonely Fools & Corpses The BBC lead with the “Revealing Images of a Familiar Face” today.  Hoping that the BBC had uploaded some dirty pics of newly-wed Kate Middleton, I was sadly disappointed… Continue reading