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Soundtrack my BBC Breakfast News – Who Killed Susanna Reid?

Who killed Homecoming Queen Susanna in the sleepy town of BBC Breakfast Peaks? Advertisements

Breakbeat BBC News at 6 – 1987

SPORT SPECIAL: Sepp Blatter’s Goal-Line Time-Line 2002 to 2012

UPDATED 5TH MARCH 2013 This is for those of you without the time I afford on such trivial matters.  This is the definitive Blatter Goal-line Time-line. Unfortunately for those who hate Blatter,  he… Continue reading

Thursday 26th May – Marmitegate

Danish Yeast Extracted BBC News, bored of Volcanoes, looks to another Northern European country for further crud to report. This (very popular) article  smells of PR bullshit and a brewer’s drain. But apparently… Continue reading

Tuesday 24th May – Kill Ronald McDonald

Ronald’s Trump Speaking with it’s mouth full, the BBC reports of McDonald’s being put under pressure yet again to kill the world’s most frightening mascot. On Wednesday, a group of 550 healthcare workers… Continue reading

Friday 20th May – Help the Aged Attenborough

Sci-Fa and Sci-Fi Geriatric, fuddy-duddy, cuddly, low-balled-GRILF, Sir David Attenborough issued a strong warning to the House of Commons Select Committee this week. The Independent reported that… Sir David Attenborough has warned that… Continue reading

Thursday 19th May – Name and Shame / Eastenders ain’t real

“Don’t Tell Him Your Name, Like” It’s been spread all over the news like Pippa Middleton’s ring-piece; it’s a story we can all “poke” fun at from our country “retweet”. Guffaw. This slice… Continue reading

Wednesday 11th May 2011 – Killer McCann / World Crap 2018

Mad Men The red-topped Heart & Soul of our fair nation, The Sun newspaper kicked us all in the nuts with a(nother) McCann exclusive. That’s Madeleine not The Eighth Doctor. Kate McCann is… Continue reading

Sunday 8th May 2011 – Osama has a TV / Sony is Rubbery.

Lonely Fools & Corpses The BBC lead with the “Revealing Images of a Familiar Face” today.  Hoping that the BBC had uploaded some dirty pics of newly-wed Kate Middleton, I was sadly disappointed… Continue reading